Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wild West Exodus Build #1 Doctor's Office

So, after a long, long time, I'm back at blogging.  I have put together several of the Wild West Exodus buildings by Warcradle and I'm having a blast with them.  I thought today I would take several pictures and post my thoughts and comments.  Overall, the WWX buildings go together very easily and very well.  I have only have very minor problems and once I put together a couple and figured out a few tricks they have gone together smoothly.

Today I put the Doctor's/Post Office office together during lunch.  It's great that you can build this as two different buildings.  In this build, I used the Doctor's office sign.  It took about 75 minutes to build and that includes letting my dogs outside and actually eating lunch.  I would rate this as one of the easier builds of the series and would be a great place to start.

Here are all the pieces laid out and the tools I used, Gorilla wood glue and an exacto knife.  In most cases I break out the pieces just using my thumbnail.  In a few cases, I use the knife to help cut out the piece.  All the pieces on this build come out very easy except part of the door frame which as been a chronic issue with all the builds. 

This is a typical front for the buildings in the series.  The doors have been the biggest challenge overall, but I'm getting the hang of them now.  Overall the directions are pretty good,  I do dry fit the pieces as sometimes it is hard to tell which way the pieces go together.  Sometimes when you are bunching out one piece another may fall out.  I just set these aside and make sure I know what number the pieces go to, in this case the numbers where on the piece that come out. The number of the piece I will use later on is on the far left side on the top piece (A4).  I will mention this again later.

One thing I did learn from the doors is to make sure the notch that is mention in the instructions goes in this orientation.  The single notch goes at the bottom and faces out. 

One of the few problems I have had getting the pieces out has been with the top and bottom of the door frames.  As you can see below, part of the notch on the left has extra wood in the notch.  I have found that this is really no big deal, just make sure you clean the notch out with a knife. 

Here is the front completed. 

The next section took me a minute to figure out as the picture wasn't super clear.  Once again dry fitting really helps when you are not 100% of how the pieces fit together.  Mainly which is top/bottom and left/right.  I actually attache one piece backwards at first.  The good thing about the gorilla wood glue is that it is sticky enough to hold the pieces together but gives you time to redo pieces if needed. 

Wasn't sure about what "horizontal" meant in the instructions,  The front of the build should have the side pieces even with the roof.

The back should hang over the roof piece.  

Here is the completed roof.  Notice the back piece lines up with the overhanging side pieces.  Also you can see the front of the roof piece attached correctly.  I had the texture facing forward at first. 

Not a very good picture but the start of the front porch.  

Note the notches for the stairs are facing down. 

The front with frame for porch and stairs attached.  One note here is that the textured piece goes on first with the small piece going underneath.  I actually built this part upside down, then turned it over to fit into front of the building. 

Another view the the step-by-step insturctions.  This is the piece A4 from the very beginning.  Also note that the numbers listed E2/E3 on the picture of the building do not match the numbers in the directions A7/C9. 

The final product

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Updated Aeronef

Waiting on the new rules Imperial Skies.  I am updating my Aeronef fleet.  These are some of my Germans that I'm updating the paint scheme.  Going with white tail, darker hull, and new deck.  Replace some of the mast and will be getting new flags.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fire and Smoke

Haven't posted in a while.  Many projects.  Here is one for WW1 planes.

Fire and Smoke.  Easy to make.  Looks good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More work on KoW

Worked some more on my ghouls and zombies.  Also put together some more minis (not pictured, on another table).

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Dip

Seen and read alot about "the Dip".  Tried it out on one of the Confrontation minis that I had a duplicate of.  Your thoughts?

Almost finished units

Worked on the basing of the converted Confrontation minis last night.  Painted on Zombies and Ghouls this morning while working on movement trays.  So far, I very happy with everything.

Zombies and Ghouls getting closer.  Need to work on the million skeletons soon.

Movement trays just about done.  These 2 are my first try at trays.  Overall good.  Will change a couple of things on how I put them together.  Used both basswood and balsa wood.  Will stick with basswood, balsa just too soft. 


Monday, September 7, 2015

New army for KoW

Well painting my zombies last night I and looking for a good Werewolf miniature I came across some of my old Confrontation.  I really like the werewolf miniatures.  So, now I have an army of werewolves.  I am working on filling the out army with some human units.  Also working on some movement trays.

Zombie and ghouls - first coat.

Working on putting magnets on my bases. 

Unit of the Werewolfs

Some of humans rebased.

First attempt at movement tray.  It is magnetized.