Monday, March 1, 2010

Quar on a Stick

Here are a few pictures of my 15mm Quar on their painting stick.  All of these are Crusaders without helmets.  I going to paint up 2 units using two different uniform colors and skin colors with one unit being without helmets, the other with helmets.  That way I can use as opposing forces until the Cofytrans are completed.

Quar terrain

Okay, last night a spent a while surfing old WWI trench pictures. Yesterday I pulled out the 15mm Quar and the rule book and got interested in Quar again.  I'm looking at different rules sets to use with 15mm but right now I think I'm going to try This Quar's War and just change inches to cm.  Anyway,  here is the board I worked on this afternoon.  It was finally a nice day here in Atlanta, so I wasted it on the terrain board.

Here is test of using toothpicks in the trenchline.  Also the blue is going to be sandbags.  Still need to work on them.

Here is what the board layout looks like:
I used my Dremel on the craters 

Getting ready to prime the board.  Some sand, white gule and latex paint. I also added some rock outcropings.  

Here is the board primed with sand and mix of the latex paint and gule.  I then built up around the crater holes with extra sand.  Notice the 3 Quar in the crater.  Also, a test of wire block. 
Here is the board after several colors of spray paint where added.  Dark Green on the back edges Some red/brown on the trenchlines and No Man's Land.  Then tan along the trench edges.  I will go back and dry brush the details