Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dawn: Rise of the Occulites

Okay, so it was a nice day and I spent the evening outside.  So no Star Wars.  But I did prime some new miniatures.  Just what I need, more to paint.  These are just really cool minis.  They are simple but very unique and like they they will be fun to paint.  They are the miniatures for the game Dawn: Rise of the Occulites

I've been watching the game since it was a kickstarter.  I didn't KS it but I have been keep an eye on it.  After watching/reading some reviews, I decided to pick it up and am very glad it did.  The design, Ben Boersma has done a great job with the game and developing the world of the Occulites.  The game is a very unique combination of card and dice play and is a very tactical game.  The more I read and learn, the more I like the game.

Here is the start of painting the first tribe.  More to follow:

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