Monday, April 6, 2015

Star Wars - First Impressions

Played with my son.  We both really liked the game.  We did play with just one core box but that was all that was need for our first game.  By the end of the game we both had everything down.  I did go back and look a couple of things up just to confirm we were doing things right.

Love the over all feel of the game.   I never was able to get my Star Destroyer in a good position to do a lot of damage, while my son was able to get behind me with his two ships and he was also able to get a squadron of X-Wing in close.  His X-wing blew my Tie fighters to bits.  I was on able to destroy 2 of his squadrons while he kill all of my Ties.

All ships at the end of the game had lost most of their shields.  I was never able to get a massive shot off which would have taken out one of his ships.  He was able to get one critical hit which left me unable to turn.  It took me 3 turns to get a navigate command out but by that time I was off the board edge.

We will be playing a 300 point game tonight, adding a 2nd box set along with upgrade cards.  I will try to take some pictures also.

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