Monday, April 13, 2015

Star Wars Armada - 300 pts.

We played 300 pts the other night.  I really like the game at this level.  There is a lot going on with this many points.  I think a fun quick game would be around 200 pts.   As the Imperial player, I choose 2 Victory class Destroyers with a LOT of Tie support. Our last game the X-Wings ate my lunch and I wasn't going to let that happen againThe Rebels had their puny CR90 Corellian Corvette and 2 Nebulon-B Frigates support by a handful of X-Wing Grand Moff Tarkin was my only upgrade card and he is very useful and powerful.  Ethan played the Rebel scum and pick a few upgrades, not sure how much he got to really use them.  (I need to use my real camera and not my phone).

The setup

Noticed the Rebel scum split their forces, while Grand Tarkin as commander for the destroyers kept his support close at hand.

The Imperials focus on the ship on the right.  An easy target with the Ties to support against those pesky X-Wing.

The Rebels try to out maneuver the slow destroyers but with superior command and tactics, the Imperials move in for the kill..  The Tie fighters swarm the X-Wings.  The Rebels on the left are no factor.

And the little Rebel ship is no more...  Time to turn into the Rebels which have been slow to attack while taking out more X-Wing.

The Rebels close (finally) as the destroyers turn back. The next few turns were actually a pretty close battle.  I got lucky with several rolls with the Rebels obviously usually second rate equipment and not being able to hit anything.  Notice the lone X-Wing in the middle of the swarm. 

The Tie swarm engages Luke and the destroyers continue their turning move just out of range of the Rebels.   Having Grand Tarkin really helps with the turns.

The Rebels close the gap but their firing must be out of calibration.  And the slow turn continues.  Both commanders disregard orders to disengage and continue the fight.  The Imperials have won the day at this point but let's see what happens. 

Luke is the lone X-Wing left and the Rebels continue with their shooting woes while now in range of the destroyers.  

Luke finally engages a destroyer and... misses.  The Rebels actually make a couple of good maneuvers to stay out of range of lead destroyer.  The Rebels get several  hits on 2nd destroyer but are getting their shields battered. 

And Luke is no more... The Rebels try to maneuver but the lead destroyer is turning to blast away. So the Rebel commander cuts his losses and flees. 

We ended up playing 10 turns.  I think it took about 2hrs.  We did stop to take a snack break and are still learning the rules.  I think the big difference in winning this game versus my loss last time was taking out the X-Wing.  They got very few shots (I think 3) at my ships.  Yes, they shredded my Ties but my massive numbers were able to overcome this and take out all the X-Wing.  It hurt the Rebels by splitting up his forces and help me.  I also got lucky in picking the correct flank to attack.  We did not use objectives this game but hope to on the next one.  I think they will give even more flavor to the game.  

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