Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally got some decals on.  I finished up the Nieuport 17s, N.3 Les Cicognes.    Overall I like these, simple but nice looking aircraft.  First pictures is a before (on left) and after.  The pictures have some shadows, early morning sunlight.

Next up is a couple overall group shots.  The original model is in the lead.

Only had on minor issues.  The command pennant for Deullin rolled on me and in the process of unsticking it from itself some of the black come off.  Seems like black is the worst color at coming off.  I lost a few of the numbers off the serial numbers on the tail.  Not letting the decals "roll" on themselves is the #1 priority when working them.   I try to cut the decals down as much as possible, it seems to help, but the long thin ones like the pennants can be a challenge.

My favorite one from this group, Drome:

Just placed a big for15mm Battle Honors Napoleonics from WarWeb to use for LaSalle.  After reading through the rules the last couple of nights, I really like this set.  I have a few questions but they were quick answered by the author, Sam Mustafa, on the LaSalle forum.  With that, Quar and Martian Empires is back on the shelf for now.

Ummm... mailman just dropped off a package.  More planes for The Warstore????   Got to go check...

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