Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slow progress

I hate when you think you have the right color of paint and don't... so it will be a few more days before Jasta 37 gets their purple.  Looks like I will have to put in an order from The War Store - along with ordering more planes.  Maybe that was my subconscious knowing I needed more planes so I didn't order the right color of paint the first time.  Great news is that I got my order from Dom's Decals!!!!  I should get several planes finished this week.  Above is a picture of a few of the Jasta 37 with the green camo painted and the black done.

Up next are the Quar, with their heads on and primed.  Here are two of the Coftyran Crymuster.   LMG on the right, Rhyler on the left (pointing out danger).   Still working on the camera settings, I took these early this morning before the sun was up all the way.   Below the Rhyler decides he needs to watch the left flank (away from danger).

Last up are the Martians from Black Hat, primed and skin tone added.  It's been so cold here in Atlanta, that I am priming everything with Gesso.  I like using it but it takes longer to prime than using a spray primer.   I'm going to keep these guys simple with off-white uniforms and brown belts.

And if this is not enough,  Jay got me to looking at LaSalle by Sam Mustafa yesterday when I dropped by Treefort for a few minutes.

I used to play a lot of Le Petit Empereur by Chipco Games back in the day.  These new rules look like a very nice and fun set of rules. Seems to be a lot of discussion out there on LaSalle, that's probably a good thing.  Guess I should have kept all my Napoleonics.  Well, I hope to get a game in this afternoon at Treefort - Age of Sail and probably pick up LaSalle. 

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