Sunday, January 17, 2010

That's a bunch of figures!!!

Okay, got the first 2 units of Austrians on their paint sticks.  Still need to do some minor clean-up.  Still rainy here, so not sure if I will get to prime today.   Overall, the Battle Honors look okay.  After comparing them to the AB, I would say go with AB if you can.   I'm still going with BH for the cost.  In the end, I plan on having 2 armies so cost is an issues. 

Another minor issue I have is basing.  The line guys will look good with 8 per base.  The BH Grenz however come in 3 poses, marching, firing, advancing.  With the firing and advancing figures they have a lot of depth due to the pose.  Looks like I can use all the advancing poses for skirmishers and for irregular bases and will have the front line firing.  Since I don't have my bases yet, I can be 100% sure.  Here is a base I cut (40x30) with irregulars (4 to a base).  As you can see, there is no why to put 8 figures on a base. Max would be 6 figures per base.

Last of all, my Litko flight bases came yesterday.  They look good.  I was going to use their clear flight pegs but not sure how I'm going to stick them together.  The ones in the picture are cut from aluminum rods.  I have them in several different lengths and have them with pins in the end so the stack easily - I have stacked to up to over 12".  It just takes a little time to cut and paint them.

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