Friday, January 8, 2010

Start of my blog

After seeing several very nice blogs, I decided to start one of my own.

Here are a few items I'm working on. First of all, my repaints for WoW miniatures. I currently trying to finish up Jasta 19 and 15. I just started some Nieuports along with some Albatros D.V's for Jasta 37. I'm using Dom's Decals for the fine details.

I plan on using the planes with Algernon Pulls it Off by TooFatLardies.

I also have some Black Hat 18mm Martian Askari I'm working on for Martian Empires. Hope to have some pictures posted tomorrow.

My last project is Quar for This Quar's War. Quar are a great looking line by Zombiesmith . I'm really looking for to their 15mm line. Pictures tomorrow.

Well, back to the paint shop.

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